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Taylor Swift Opens Up on Her Signature Red Lips & Makeup Experiments

Taylor Swift believes she looks much better when she’s wearing red lipstick. Rarely seen without a bright shade of red on her lips, Taylor’s vintage makeup look has now become her default style and she thinks she looks  “worse” when she doesn’t put it on:

  ”I guess I just think my face looks worse without it. That’s pretty much the only rationale behind it.” Taylor reveals that she loves to experiment with different makeup products and often goes through different phases of using certain products. However, she has yet to ditch red lipstick: ”I’ll go through different phases with makeup and always try new things. Except I never really get too far from red lipstick, do I?”

The singer says that while she loves red lipstick, she doesn’t have a vast selection of colours and often just sticks to one she likes. She reveals her current shade is by Nars:  ”I don’t have an excessive amount! I just find one I like and use it. Right now [I’m using] Dragon Girl by NARS.” Known for having many celebrity friends, Taylor says it works out well because she believes her friends have very different style so they never end up looking too similar. She comments that her friends also avoid anything they’ve already seen her wearing:

”We don’t usually have the same style. If they see me wearing something, they know it’s because that’s something that represents me and they’ll wear something very different … It doesn’t really affect the conversation, what we’re wearing.”