Tara Reid Vaguely References The Time We Saw Her Boob

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Everyone remembers that photo – the one where Tara Reid’s boob fell out in front of the paparazzi back in 2007 at P Diddy’s party, exposing a rather strange looking post-op breast surgery of some kind. Now, she has kind of spoken about it, or at least how weird and paranoid she has felt about her body because of the intense scrutiny she is put under in the public eye. Tara references the media’s harsh take on the photograph saying that as a result she was hard on herself:

”I think when people are so hard on you, you start getting hard on yourself. You start getting a little paranoid. But you have to back off to a certain degree. What can you really change? Yes, there are a million things you would say you’d do different but you learn from those life lessons. That defines you as a character.”

Speaking on making mistakes, Tara says she has made plenty, but once she has moved past her mistakes she can use her experiences to learn and grow, explaining that she simply didn’t know better when she made her mistakes:

”Perhaps I haven’t made the best decisions in the past, but at the time you don’t know any different As you get older you can look back and says, ‘OK, ‘I’m gonna learn from that experienced and grown from a lot of the experiences I’ve been through.”’