Survive Like Nicolas Cage: Best Perk Builds in Dead by Daylight (August 2023)

nicolas cage best perk builds

With Nicolas Cage now firmly in Dead by Daylight and we’ve got some of the best Perk builds you can use for him to make the most of his acting and survival prowess.

What are Nicolas Cage’s Perks in Dead by Daylight?

As with any new survivor, Nicolas Cage comes with three unique Perks: Dramaturgy, Plot Twist, and Scene Partner. As you increase Cage’s Prestige Level, you unlock these Perks for other Survivors to use. However, his Perks deviate from the usual loadouts, adding a touch of uniqueness to the game.

Best Perk Builds for Nicolas Cage in Dead by Daylight (August 2023)

Alongside his teachable Perks, there are several fun and unique builds that work well with Nicolas Cage in Dead by Daylight. Each of these builds utilizes his Perks to create a synergy that enhances your chances of escaping the match.

Adept Build

For this build, equip Nicolas Cage’s three teachable Perks: Dramaturgy, Plot Twist, and Scene Partner. Despite their initial lack of synergy, they can be used effectively together during chases and while repairing Generators.

nicolas cage best perk builds 1

Additionally, consider bringing one of the following items to aid in your escape:

  • Med-Kit: To heal yourself and others.
  • Toolbox: To repair Generators faster.
  • Key: To provide an extra chance of escape, should the Killer close the Hatch.

Aura Reading Build

Knowing the Killer’s location is invaluable, so we have an Aura Reading build that lets you see the Killer’s Aura under various circumstances, enabling you to flee when necessary.

  • Scene Partner (Nicolas Cage)
  • Alert (Feng Min)
  • Kindred (General Perk)
  • Wiretap (Ada Wong)

Plot Twist Build

This build focuses on maximizing the potential of the Plot Twist Perk and complements it with Perks that enhance recovery speed, improve chances of escaping the Killer’s grasp, and even allow you to fight back if caught off guard.

  • Plot Twist (Nicolas Cage)
  • Unbreakable (Bill Overbeck)
  • Flip-Flop (Ashley J. Williams)
  • Power Struggle (Elodie Rakoto)

With these Perk builds for Nicolas Cage, you’ll be well-equipped to showcase your acting prowess and survival skills in Dead by Daylight. Prepare to demonstrate to any Killer that nobody messes with the greatest actor of all time. Good luck!