Sun Haven Guide – How to catch Lobster

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catch Lobster Sun Haven

Sun Haven is a great place to go fishing for a wide variety of fish, and if you’re looking for lobster, this guide will show you how to catch one.

Sun Haven Guide – How to catch Lobster

You’ll need a fishing rod and a trip Sea if you want to catch some lobster. Next, you’ll want to either set your net or cast your line in the hopes of catching something. Try not to give up if at first you don’t succeed. Depending on rarity and quality, this fish can fetch 55 Coins (Common), 68 Coins (Rare), 82 Coins (Epic), or 110 Coins (Very Rare) (Legendary). As a standalone consumable, it provides +20 mana.

To catch fish in Sun Haven, use a fishing rod and cast it into the water; when the bobber begins to wiggle in the water, a fish has taken the bait. You can also buy fishing nets at Peter’s Fishing Store in Sun Haven Beach or make your own on a loom. You can eat the catches you make, whether with a net or a rod, to gain mana or health. Fishing rods can be used to fish in Sun Haven, Withergate, Nel’Vari, and the Forests.

About Sun Haven

Sun Haven is a casual, multiplayer farming simulation game set in a fantasy world developed by Pixel Sprout Studios and released in 2023. Players build and improve their farms, help fix up shops in the area, and try to bring life back to the town by getting neighbors to move there. You can also go fishing and catch a variety of fish that can be used in the game. If you want to know where to fish in Sun Haven to get Lobster, we have a detailed guide for you.

We hope our guide has made it easier for you to get Lobster in Sun Haven.