Suki Waterhouse Speaks on Her Early Model Years


British model Suki Waterhouse has opened up on her early career as a model, explaining that when she started out all she cared about was making money and she admits she was quite “reckless” to begin with. The Burberry beauty comments that she didn’t care about the job that much:

“When I started modelling, I was young and sort of a bit reckless – I wanted to make money and didn’t really care about anything else.”

On being scouted, Suki reveals that when she was first approached to be a model, she had to think about it for almost a year before deciding to take it seriously:

“It was in a club on Oxford Street. I was out and shouldn’t have been, really.¬†Someone asked me and I thought about it for like a year. It was only really when I signed to (modelling agency) Next that I started taking it seriously.¬†I just felt comfortable with them, and they nurtured me into it. I was so lucky, because I got to train with Sarah Leon. “She’s an amazing agent and got me some early special bookings. We hit it off – I was quite lucky.”

Suki believes she has now grown up and is more focused on her career which means she’s planning for her future:

“I’m always more focused on what I’m not doing and should be doing, rather than what’s actually happening. I’m always asking: ‘What do I need to do now?’ I don’t really feel like I’m fulfilled yet, in my career. I probably never will be.”