Suki Waterhouse on Her Past Style: “I Dressed Like a Boy”


British model Suki Waterhouse has opened up on her personal style. Currently dating actor Bradley Cooper and launching herself as an actress, Suki comments that she often packs badly so when she’s abroad her style can be quite mix and match. She admits that she often feels the most comfortable when she looks a bit dishevelled and even “wrong”. ¬†She spoke on her unique fashion sense:

”Unless I really make an effort I quite enjoy looking a bit off and something looking a bit wrong. That’s how I feel most comfortable. If anything it’s just because I’m like very scatty and not very good at putting stuff together. Also because I’m so bad at packing – I mean nothing ever goes together, I never have any socks – when I’m abroad my look is just always such a mess.”

Suki also reveals that growing up, she used to dress “like a boy”. She would often pick masculine clothing because she enjoyed sporty hobbies and just gravitated towards a boyish look during her teenage years especially. She jokes that her mother wasn’t fond of the look and would even secretly try to throw away some of her clothes:

”My dad was very into bringing me up with all the boy things – we’d go to football games and do rock climbing so it was really very masculine. I had a lot of moments style wise as a teenager. Mum tried to get rid of some things – I used to wear these plastic trousers and it was all very ‘dudeish’. Literally I dressed like a boy.”