Story of the Day: Vanessa Hudgens Thought Drinking Felt “so Naughty”

Posted by PZ on April 1st, 2013


Vanessa Hudgens has revealed that she found it slightly hard to relate to her ‘Spring Breakers’ character because she wasn’t wild as a teenager. The actress says that when she was that age she wasn’t partying hard and didn’t have any experiences like the ones shown in the film. She did experiment a little with drinking alcohol when she was a teen but she always thought it felt “so naughty” when she did it:

”I don’t really relate. Being young, I can relate to it a little, perhaps, but not to the extreme of the spring break reality itself.I remember experimenting with drinking and feeling like it was so naughty. But that’s just self-exploration. My friends are honestly very tame and creative and spiritual so the whole wild thing isn’t really relevant to our lives.”

She also says that being blonde wasn’t a fun experience because she once wore her ‘Spring Breakers’ blonde wig to a bar and noticed she was instantly treated a lot differently to normal which wasn’t something she was used to and it put her outside of her comfort zone:

”Me and Ashley [Benson] went out to a bar once and I had the blonde wig on. I felt like so many girls hated us – instantly. So, if anything, being blonde brought on more hate. I wouldn’t be in a rush to try it again.”

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