Stella McCartney Believes “‘Fashion is Psychology”


British designer Stella McCartney has opened up on her design process. She believes that fashion is closely linked to psychology because people like to reflect who they are through what they wear. She explains that she tries to reflect a “modern” and “cool” look through her design aesthetic:

”Fashion is psychology, so there’s a whole holistic sense of self that I’m thinking about when I’m designing. And of course, I want clothes to be modern and cool and relevant.”

She also wants to focus on making sure each of her pieces last for as long as possible. She wants her designs to be timeless so they can be passed on for generations:

 ”At the same time, they have got to be perfectly constructed in the most beautiful fabric, because I want them to last not just your lifetime but your daughter’s lifetime and her daughter’s lifetime. And that’s just scratching the surface, because inside of that I am trying to source those beautiful fabrics in a responsible way. I’m trying to show that it is possible to have a business in luxury fashionthat is led by a woman.”

Stella doesn’t want those who wear her clothes to think about the complicated design process – she wants them to feel relaxed and positive about themselves which is how her clothing is supposed to make people feel:

”I don’t want anyone to feel any of that. I want the woman who comes into my store to feel at ease, to see a dress and try it on and love how it makes her feel. At that moment, what I want to do is uplift that woman.”