Sophie Ellis-Bextor Collaborates With Pretty Polly for Tights Collection

Sophie Ellis-Bextor Collaborates With Pretty Polly for Tights Collection_1

British singer Sophie Ellis-Bextor has collaborated with Pretty Polly tights on a new vintage-inspired collection which will hit stores for Spring . Opening up on her new line, Sophie commented that she has always loved retro inspired fashion and decided that she wanted her range to have a similar vibe, while also including her love of music. She spoke on gathering inspiration for the designs:

”Pretty Polly is a very old established British company, they’ve been around since the 20s and they have in their archives these amazing really cool vintage designs and I love my vintage clothes, so that was something I definitely wanted to reference, one of those designs. I also wanted to do something quite fun to do with music, and so we played around with designs with music notes, and piano keys, and that kind of thing so there was quite a lot of more contemporary – there’s a vintage design and a contemporary design.”

Sophie Ellis-Bextor Collaborates With Pretty Polly for Tights Collection_2

Opening up on creating her own on-stage style, Sophie says it is always fun to create a look for performing because you can go in any direction you want, and she collects ideas from so many different places and also admires what a lot of other musicians wear. She commented that she really enjoys this creative process:

”I’ve always loved my vintage stuff but I also love looking at what everyone else wears on stage, and sparkly stuff, and disco and all that kind of thing. The great thing about performing is you can do as much or as little as you want to, I think that’s the brilliant thing about being an artist, being creative. I’ve been inspired by all sorts of people, from the really outlandish people like Bjork or David Bowie who create their own alter egos on stage, or pop stars like Madonna, who I loved when I was growing up.”