Sophia Bush Shares Her Beauty Regime & Coconut Oil Uses


Actress Sophia Bush has shared her daily beauty regime, revealing the secrets behind her gorgeous skin. Sophia says she only spends a few minutes in the morning preparing her skin but believes a good sunblock is very important and applies one daily. She opened up on her simple routine:

“I always put on a moisturizer with a sunblock. That’s usually kind of it…I like to keep my getting ready to five or ten minutes. I use an SPF 30… Firmarine Erno Lazlo SPF 30 cream. I’m pretty diligent about sunscreen.”

Sophia loves coconut oil, a natural beauty favourite that many celebs swear by. She regularly makes hair masks from the oil and even uses it to shave her legs instead of shaving cream:

“I use coconut oil as a moisturizer for my hair for a really long time, and I actually also it when I shave my legs instead of shaving cream, and that seems to surprise everyone.”

The actress also believes in taking care of her body and says that looking after yourself doesn’t have to mean you are vain. She believes it’s important to stay as healthy as possible and thinks treating your body with care is so important:

“I think it’s really important for women to know that just because you like to take care of your body or your smile or your skin doesn’t make you vain. It’s all part of loving yourself… and treating yourself the way you deserve. Just like I like to be well read and caught up on what’s happening around the world… I also want to make sure that I’m being good to my body because it’s the only one that I’m ever going to have.”