Some Useful Tips To Protect Your Nails

Hand is the second face of women and nail is an important part of the hand.

Therefore, women need to spend time on taking care of that second face, especially nails.

Healthy nails are pinky, hard and tough. Their surfaces are glossy and spotless. If your nails appear some signs like: changing color (yellow, grey…), becoming soft and fragile, decayed, convex and concave surface, suppurating and bleeding… see a doctor immediately to consult about the nails. Nail diseases are caused by many factors but mainly by the cutting and beautifying the nail with polish and fake nails.

The followings are some techniques that helps your protect nails.

Limit using polish

Some Useful Tips To Protect Your Nails

The nail polish remover is a strong chemical. The pigment granules in polishes can enter your nails and make bad effects on the physical health. For that reason, you’d better not use polish regularly.

Cut nail in the wrong way

To protect nail health, it’s important to know right cutting techniques. After having your nails cut in the way you want, you should use nail file made by emery (never use the metal one) and file from 2 side of the nail edge to the middle. Moreover, you should avoid filing on the surface of the nail.

Rub cream

Hand cream can protect hand and nail cream. Using hand cream is a wonderful way to improve weak nails. You’d better apply the cream on your nails many times a day, especially after washing hands. When rubbing the cream, you should carefully massage fingers.

Avoid contacting with detergents

To protect nails, you should avoid letting hands directly contact with detergents. Hence, use gloves whenever you do the dishes, wash clothes or garden…

Do not use nails as tools

You shouldn’t use nails to erase the silver coat on the product as it will cause bad effects on the nails especially when your nails are weak. Never using nails as tools is a tip that efficiently protects nails from damage.

Avoid wash hands too many times

Wash hands regularly is not good for your nails. Avoid wash hand too many times and remember rubbing hand cream after the washing. If your job relates to contacting with water, remember to use glove in order to protect your hands and nails.

Nutritional supplement

Fostering nails from the inside out can bring good effects. Similar to trying other nail care tips to improve weak nails, you can think of adding nutrients to benefit your nails. One of the nutrients that are good for nails is biotin.

Foods that are rich in biotin and should be added in your diets are livers, eggs, whole grains, cauliflower, avocado… those foods are very good for health and at the same time, biotin in them can help nails have better health and be less likely to be broken.

Drink lots of water

We all know that water is essential to the body and an important part of human health. Besides, water also helps prevent nails from getting dry and damaged as well as water meets the needs of skin and hair.

To protect nails, there’re many products for women to choose and use. For example, women can use nail care oil. The oil that contains vitamin E can protect nail health and soften the skin area around. Women should choose nail care products that are suitable for them.