Solange Knowles on Her Fashion Influences & Experimental Style Moments

Solange Knowles has opened up on her unique fashion sense which always makes a statement both on and off the red carpet. The DJ and singer explains that living in Houston, she found it difficult to dress for the weather because of the constant heat. She missed the lack of opportunities to layer up her outfits:

“I had issues with dressing weather-appropriate. In Houston, it’s pretty much always hot. But I was mad I didn’t get to have seasonal outfits so I’d wear sweaters and tights anyway.”

Solange reveals that Japan’s renowned Harajuku fashion district opened up eyes to a whole new way of dressing and she enjoyed giving crazier outfits a try, inspired by what she saw:

“I had on stars-and-stripes stockings with a poufy skirt, two balls in my head, some crazy sweater and platform sneakers. When I went to the Sharpstown Mall in Houston with a friend, people were falling out laughing. It was a hot mess, but I was committed.”

The musician adds that she likes how cyclical fashion is, and how old things can be revamped and reworked to create something fresh: “It’s interesting how the past comes back full circle and then it becomes more refined.” Commenting on what her family’s style was like growing up, Solange says each person had their own look but she always felt very differently about dressing:

“When I look back at old pictures, my dad was always smartly dressed, my mom had the most elegant, beautiful style, and my sister was very into the ’90s Cross Colours look, and I …I just had all of these different things inside me.”