Sofia Vergara Shares Natural Bridal Makeup Tip

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‘Modern Family’ actress Sofia Vergara, who is currently engaged to Joe Manganiello, has shared her beauty tips for brides. The 42-year-old believes some brides over-think their makeup look and go too far, wearing too much on their face for the day. She commented that it’s a mistake that’s easy to make:

”I have a very important makeup tip for the girls [who] are getting married soon. I think sometimes we over think it because it’s a very special occasion and we want to have everything perfect.”

Sofia thinks those walking down the aisle should just opt to go natural and she thinks brides need to aim to just look like the best versions of themselves. She commented that too much makeup can ruin those precious wedding day photos:

”With makeup, sometimes people exaggerate a little bit or make it too different because they want to do more. Sometimes, it makes it look like it’s not you and when you see the pictures you’re like, ‘Oh, what happened to me?’ So I think it’s better to keep yourself looking fresh in the makeup that you’ve always liked and be you.”

The actress also reveals that she loves to work out but has found that it requires a little more work now that she’s older. She believes a regular workout keeps her healthy and she knows she can’t skip over it if she wants to feel her best:

“I have to work out, of course. With age you have to put a little bit more work and energy [in].¬†And now I’ve accepted that exercising has to be part of my life, not just for beauty or ageing, but just to be healthy.”