Sofia Vergara Shares Her Beauty & Makeup Routine

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‘Modern Family’ actress Sofia Vergara has shared her beauty and makeup routine. She comments that she grew up in a culture that prides itself in looking good, so she says it’s second nature to always apply makeup before going out. She reveals that she will always wear at least a few key products:

“Part of being Latin is really putting ourselves together. For example, I don’t like leaving the house without lipstick, some blusher or mascara. For me, putting on make-up is like brushing my teeth. It’s no big effort.”

Now aged 43, Sofia says she has changed her beauty regime slightly to reflect her age and has also learnt the importance of sun protection, which she now sees as essential because she knows it prevents signs of ageing:

“My beauty regime has changed since I turned 40. I use suntan lotion whenever I go out. I wish I’d done that religiously in my younger years because I believe prevention is always better than cure. Once you have a sagging neck, that’s it.

The actress adds that she also tries to stay healthy from the inside and drinks skin-boosting juices to stay looking great:

“I have to watch my diet, too. A year ago, I started making juices with vegetables for a healthy meal option. I also have a huge problem with desserts and cake.”

She makes sure to regularly work out to keep her body in top condition and she sees it as part of her job to look gorgeous whenever she hits the red carpet:

“With age, you need to keep things where they were initially, so I know I need to work out. I don’t love it, but it’s become part of my life. I work out because of my job and because I have to fit into those tiny little dresses on the red carpet.”