Sofia Vergara, 50, glows in a red patterned off-the-shoulder dress as she enjoys a delicious outdoor feast in honor of Cinco de Mayo

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Sofia Vergara smiled widely as she unwinded in what appeared to be a sizable backyard in a recent throwback shot in which she sported her natural blonde hair.

Sofia Vergara shines in a red patterned off-the-shoulder dress as she celebrates Cinco de Mayo with a sumptuous outdoor feast

The ex-Modern Family star looked lovely as she celebrated Cinco de Mayo with a meal outside in the sun in a new Instagram post.

She basked in the sunshine as a tall hedge, palm trees, and other vegetation formed a frame around the clear blue sky.

On an outside patio, the mother of one reclined in a plush chair beside a table, with a glistening pool as a backdrop.

The model was wearing an off-the-shoulder red dress with green, white, and yellow accents and was clutching a glass of water in her right hand.

She complemented her dress for the occasion with a set of long, dangling earrings that almost reached her collarbone.

Sofia opted for a more traditional look with a coat of mascara on her eyelids and a plum lip tint.

Her thick, dark hair was parted down the center and fell in beautiful waves just below her shoulders.

On the massive table in front of her were dishes and bowls of food in a rainbow of hues. One bowl was brimming with juicy watermelon, while the other was neatly stacked with tacos.

Crisp tortillas topped up another bowl with fresh guacamole and positioned it in the center for easy dipping.

Near the edge of the table, near a giant dispenser containing ice water and lemons, a set of tall glasses could be seen.

The actress said, “Muy feliz 5 de Mayo everyone!!” In translation, she wished everyone a “Very happy May 5th” in translation.

The stunning woman looked to be relaxing in the open air after a long day of filming as a celebrity judge on America’s Got Talent.

Sofia also released a vintage video from a New York City picture shoot on her Instagram stories as part of her Cinco de Mayo celebrations.

She also included the yellow love emoji and the hashtag “#tbtNy,” which stands for “throwback to New York.”

The actress wore a short-sleeved crimson dress that clung to her trim shape and showed off her long, leggy legs.

Vergara wore a pair of closed-toe, nude-colored shoes to draw attention to the short dress. Curls of her hair, which were parted to one side, fell beyond her shoulders.

A fan off-screen blew Sofia’s hair out of her face as a photographer captured pictures of her in various stances during the brief movie.

A stylist came over and did a quick touch-up on the model before continuing with the session.