Smelling Flowers May Cause Miscarriage

Floral scent has certain effect in disease cure, but if too sweet and strong, it becomes the number one enemy causing foetal derangement or miscarriage in pregnant women.

The ancient Chinese often praise the use of floral scent in therapeutics. It helps enhance memory, cognitive ability of human beings. But in fact, this effect only works with some kinds of flowers and some people. One expert from Chinese Association of Food Industry recommends that too strong scent is not good to pregnant women’s health.

Pregnant women should not smell too strong floral scent


The expert explains that the too strong floral scent may stimulate the nerve of pregnant women, causing headache, nausea, vomit, and bad effect to appetite. In serious situation, floral scent may cause foetal derangement, or even miscarriage.

Pregnant women should stay away too strong floral scent.

Pollen contains some chemical components. If pregnant women inhale or touch it, they easily get allergic. The stronger the scent is, the more serious the allergy becomes. So, for women with allergic skin or respiratory organs, the strong floral scent is a disaster, the expert said.

In early stage of pregnancy, pregnant women should minimize exposure to the fresh flowers which have strong and sweet fragrance like jasmine, oleander, poinsettia flowers (also known as the Christmas flower) … Especially, some flowers releasing carbon dioxide and absorbing oxygen at night make the amount of oxygen in the room decrease, which is not good for the health of both mother and baby. It is best not to put these kinds of flower in the bedroom. You should also avoid contacting with the strong floral fragrance outside.

The expert also suggests that pregnant women should grow aloe and cactus at home. These kinds of plants have light, pure fragrance, release oxygen at night, making room air become clear. Even the aloe Vera is considered “valuable thing”, absorbing toxic in the room such as formaldehyde.

The expert also suggests that pregnant women should grow aloe and cactus at home.