Sky Ferreira on Her Fashion Sense, Vintage Finds & Styling Herself

Posted by admin on May 11th, 2019

Singer and style icon Sky Ferreira has opened up on her unique sense of fashion and how her style developed over the years. She reveals that growing up, she often shopped at flea markets and picked up random vintage finds, which is a habit that she has now continued. She also wore her brother’s old clothes and says she still loves masculine looking pieces to this day. Sky said:

“I grew up in LA where there are flea markets on every corner. My grandmother – who brought me up – would buy my clothes from there, and the rest were hand-me-downs from my brother. I think that’s why I still like wearing men’s clothes now. Back then, wearing thrift-store fashion wasn’t cool. This was in the early noughties when it was all about synthetic fabric, tube tops and being girly. That was never my thing anyway, but it did make what I wore look even more random.”

The Saint Laurent face adds that she often finds interesting fashion items in the last place you’d expect and is always searching while on tour: “I like shopping on tour. I’ve found some of the best vintage in the obscure places I’ve travelled through. Recently I came across this amazing little store in the desert.” She has decided not to work with a stylist and selects everything herself for all of her stage appearances:

“I decide what I wear on stage; I don’t have someone styling me. Sometimes being uncomfortable – like wearing high heels – makes you feel good when you’re performing.”

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