Simon Cowell Homed Baby Mamma in an Apartment, Speaks on Marriage

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Despite keeping up appearances of a romance between them, Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman won’t be living together throughout her pregnancy. Keeping his baby mamma at arm’s length for the time being, Simon has instead opted to move Lauren in to a new apartment, although he has yet to disclose which city (hopefully the one her 7-year-old son already lives in, he hasn’t been getting much mothering as of late). ¬†How romantic? Simon said that he helped “sort out” her apartment for her so she can settle down:

“I did sort out an apartment for her, which she moved into this weekend and is very happy. She feels a bit more settled now. She’s happy.”

Speaking on possibly marrying Lauren (so, never going to happen) Simon says he isn’t ruling it out, but he also sounds like he isn’t particularly keen on it:

“I’m not ruling anything out in the future. If you’d have asked me a year ago if at my age, I was gonna have a baby, I probably would have said no. So I think you have just got to take each day as it comes now. Whatever feels right you should do.”