Sienna Miller’s Grace Kelly Red Carpet Hair Inspiration

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Sienna Miller is famed for her always gorgeous hair, and her hair stylist Earl Simms has now revealed how he created Sienna’s stunning hair look for the opening ceremony of Cannes Film Festival. Simms explained that they decided to take their inspiration from style icon Grace Kelly, creating a loose bouncy hairdo that was timeless and elegant for the big event. He revealed his styling method:

”For the opening ceremony it seemed fitting to take our inspiration from Grace Kelly – chic and elegant. First, I prepped her hair with Clynol Moisture Dream Leave In Conditioner and Windle & Moodie Foundation Spray. I blow dried her hair with a large round brush, then tonged with medium curling iron in large sections. I left it to set, then took them out and brushed them through. I blow dried with a large round brush to soften the curls and gently smooth the hair, without taking away the body and bounce.”

For the premiere of ‘Carol’ which was held during the Cannes film festival, Simms opted to go in another direction, creating a unique plaited look that he created through Sienna’s already wavy hair. The stunning hairstyle wove around her head and perfectly coordinated with her outfit choice. He explained his idea:

”Sienna’s hair had been pre-texturised with a gentle wave – this will give a better hold for the plaits on shorter length hair like Sienna’s. [I created] two inverted plaits from the centre of the front of the head, moving around to the nape of the neck.”