Should You Wear a Thrasher Tee?

Posted by admin on October 21st, 2019

One of the most common fashion statements these days is wearing a brand’s name on every clothing item. It can be seen on hoodies, beanies, or even t-shirts. The practice has been so rampant that people use these trademark names when speaking of the styles or even the people are often seen wearing it.

Thrasher” is a great example. The word can be seen everywhere in a fiery font in bright yellow emblazed in orange flames. It became so ubiquitous that people loosely use the name to pertain to a certain group of people.

According to Merriam Webster, thrasher these days refer to an avid skateboarder. However, where did it originate, and when did it start to rise in fame.

What is Thrasher?

Before it became a fashion trend, “Thrasher” was simply the name of a skateboarding magazine established in January of 1981. It’s first published by High-Speed Productions, Inc. in San Francisco, USA. It soared so much in popularity in the skating community that it became the “bible of skating.”

These days, even celebrities wear apparel with brand names, causing them to be popular once again. However, its current Editor-in-Chief, Justin Phelps, is not in favor of how the clothing items are used.  

According to him, people who aspire even to wear anything with the brand name on it must be a full-blooded thrasher. Only those who have the markings of an avid skateboarder, one who has put in blood, sweat, and tears into skating and has injuries from the endeavor can wear it. 

When Did It Become a Fashion Item?

There was no saying when precisely the evolution of thrasher tees as fashion items started. However, lately, it has become every model’s Holy Grail for every fashion show.

Vogue thinks that the youth way back in the 1980s equated the wearing of these fashion items with thrasher on it as a rebellion symbol. For others, it helps boost their confidence, even while merely walking on the streets.

Should You Wear Thrasher Merchandise?

There is an on-going discussion of whether or not wearing non-skaters should wear “Thrasher” items. Thrashers have strong feelings against this, while others feel like it’s perfectly fine. However, as stated by avid skateboarders, here are some reasons why it should stay exclusive:

  1. The status symbol of the skateboarders is starting to lose meaning. It suddenly becomes a trendy fashion item.
  2. Well, the name itself came from the “bible of skateboarding.” Hence, it’s honored and respected by everyone in the skating community.
  3. People who originally wore “Thrasher” items are not only mere skateboarders. It was worn by those who own skateboards and are a master of it.
  4. It’s not a fashion symbol, not something to make someone look good. For skateboarders, it shows the sign of a fellow skateboarder.
  5. Wearing Thrasher items lets other skateboarders know that they are not beginners in the field.
  6. It makes them unique from other clothing.
  7. For skaters, not everyone can suddenly wear any Thrasher hoodie; they have to earn it. It means hours of endless practice, with scars to show their victory.

However, by the looks of it, wearing Thrasher items as a fashion accessory is not stopping anytime soon. It would take quite a long time before thrashers can reclaim their symbol. 

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