Seven Extremely Illegal Practices that Our Culture considers “normal”

Rules improve our world but also dampen our enthusiasm for some activities. In some cases, we seem consider it quite normal.

7 Extremely Illegal Activities that Current Culture Seemingly Accepts as “Normal”

We’ve all seen how many times speeding leads to disaster on the big screen, so it’s no surprise that laws limiting maximum speeds are put in place. While a great number of people have dealt with the genuine thing.

Many additional activities are also categorized as “illegal” for the sake of a more orderly and secure global community.

However, “little things” that appear harmless but are unlawful for a reason are becoming the norm.

Here are a few examples that came up in a recent thread on a discussion forum.


When you litter, especially when you smoke, you endanger the entire earth.

Half-smoked cigarettes are unsightly and should not be left lying around.

There’s a lot of truth to the statement, “Littering is so annoying, especially cause it’s so easy to use a trashcan or ashtray.”


Especially considering the cost of textbooks. It’s common knowledge that students have to watch their pennies, and around half of them have to handle their own finances while they’re away at school

There has been a recent, unprecedented price increase for textbooks and other educational resources.

Another illegal practice, digital piracy, has become commonplace as a result.

Someone makes the comment, “Thanks to those textbook prices, some colleges now have a culture of pirating them.”


People on the internet want young people to know that there’s no rule that says they have to drink alcohol to fit in with the cool crowd.

In fact, underage drinking is frowned upon by the law.

The vast majority of people who drink do so for social reasons.

If you’re underage and feel the need to imbibe, know that you have the legal right to refuse.


People in the twenty-first century consider it hip to text while behind the wheel.

This is also a major contributor to vehicular mishaps. There is solid reason why every road safety expert would urge drivers to never mix alcohol with driving.

It’s become far too prevalent, unfortunately. More than a dozen offenders, according to witnesses, are constantly flouting this regulation.


Five to ten miles per hour beyond the speed limit. Even if it may make the trip less enjoyable, it is essential to adhere to posted speed restrictions.

They say it’s better to be late than never to make it to work or an occasion.

It’s frightening that people have normalized risking the lives of others by driving too fast for conditions.


Although it is not against the law to forge a degree, doing so is fraudulent and dangerous to society.

Considering how easy it is to obtain a false degree, try to picture a world where nobody gives a damn about them. Employers no longer place a high value on education, which is unfair to those who spent years earning their degrees.


Officers are increasingly breaking the very laws they took an oath to uphold.

This includes officers who are violent, racist, and excessively harsh with the public. No one is keeping quiet about this anymore.

Furthermore, how can police officials enforce law and order if they themselves are violators?