Selena Gomez Remembers Her Worst Fashion Mistakes


Former ‘Disney’ star Selena Gomez still cringes when she sees her past style mistakes. The singer and actress admits that seeing those fashion faux pas “kind of sucks” but she still loves to look back on past images of herself and see how her style has changed. She believes that anyone her age isn’t going to stick to the same look forever and it’s all about experimenting to eventually find the right personal style:

“Sometimes I Google myself and look at what I wore last year – it kind of sucks to see when you got it wrong, but it’s nice to have that instant yearbook. I don’t think you should ever have to ‘define your style’ because when you’re 22, you probably aren’t going to dress the same way you did when you were 16. You can define it for maybe a year at a time and that’s it.”

Remembering some of her worst fashion mistakes, Selena laughs that she once put together a very strange outfit to wear to a Teen Vogue party which she now regrets, although she felt that she looked cool at the time. She commented:

“Oh my God – there was this time when I went to the Teen Vogue Young Hollywood party and I wore a shirt that said ‘Hotter than’ something, and a belt with these weird net-y tights and boots, and like, a sock – it looked horrendous and then I put a blue streak in my hair. And I remember, I looked in the mirror and I was like,‘I feel so cool.’ And I mean, that’s awesome that I felt so good. But I cringe looking at it now.”

Selena adds that she always dresses simply to make herself happy:

“I never wear anything for any purpose other than making myself happy. So I love dressing up, I like trying new things.”