Selena Gomez on Her Baby Face: “I Hate it Now, But I’ll Love it Later”


Selena Gomez’s baby face has taken her far in the business but the singer/actress admits that she isn’t a huge fan of it, although she knows one day when she looks back, she will miss it. Selena says that her youthful visage doesn’t appear to have aged at all, which for some reason she thinks is negative at the moment:

“I’m getting older, though I don’t look it at all—I hate it now, but I’ll love it later,” she admits, chuckling.

Speaking on living the single life right now, Selena says that she doesn’t often get asked out because normally she looks like a mess and when she does get dressed up she’s hitting the red carpet and has to keep things strictly professional, so she rarely has a chance to be chatted up:

“I don’t get asked out a lot. Well, firstly, I look like this all the time,” she says, showcasing her flannel shirt and chunky knit scarf, which a blob of ketchup has landed on, “and when I actually look presentable, I’m at an awards show. It’s not like I’ve wanted to go out and look for someone. I’m not really good at that.”

Selena also reveals that she still believes in love despite her relationship with Justin Bieber ending and she recently hung out with Katy Perry who is older than her but also still firmly believes in love:

“I believe in love—yes, I’m one of those girls. Most of my friends believe in love. I went out with Katy Perry last night. She’s so fun and awesome, but it’s cool to see someone older believe in love too. She is all about it, and that’s how I will always be. I believe in stories like, ‘Oh, I met him in Starbucks.’”