Sea of Thieves Skeleton Forts: Location, How to Defeat & Rewards

The open seas of Sea of Thieves hold many challenges, and Skeleton Forts are some of the most thrilling (and lucrative) you’ll face. Here’s how you can dominate these spooky strongholds and secure the loot within!

Sea of Thieves Guide: How to Defeat Skeleton Forts

How to Find a Skeleton Fort

First things first, you’ll need to locate a Skeleton Fort. Keep a keen eye out for a colossal skull cloud looming in the sky. Sail your ship towards this ominous landmark, and soon enough, you’ll find a skeletal stronghold bristling with cannons and crawling with undead foes.

Sea of Thieves Skeleton Forts

Enemy Types

Be warned, these forts are not for the faint of heart. Skeletons of all shapes and sizes will fiercely defend their treasure. Here’s a glimpse of the bony adversaries you’ll encounter:

  • Gold Skeletons: These slow but sturdy foes boast damage reduction. However, expose them to water (including rain!), and they’ll rust, becoming quicker to defeat but weaker. Lure them to puddles or douse them with buckets to exploit this weakness.
  • Plant Skeletons: Similar to their standard counterparts, these skeletons excel at rapid recovery when doused with water. However, their overall health is lower, making them easy prey if you avoid their regeneration.
  • Shadow Skeletons: Beware the night! These formidable foes are invincible in the dark. But fear not, pirates! Light a lantern or torch, and these shadowy adversaries become vulnerable for a brief window, allowing you to strike them down.


Conquering a Skeleton Fort demands cunning tactics and environmental awareness. Here’s how to turn the tide in your favor:

  • Think Like a Pirate, Not a Landlubber: Utilize the environment to your advantage. Lure skeletons into traps, bottleneck them in narrow passages, and rain down cannon fire from your ship!
  • The Power of Explosives: A well-placed cannonball or explosive barrel can clear a wave of enemies quickly. Use them strategically to thin the skeleton ranks and gain the upper hand.
  • Weather the Storm: Skeletons attack in waves. Don’t get overwhelmed – conserve your energy and resources for each onslaught.


After defeating numerous waves of skeletons, including captains, brace yourself for the final challenge – the Skeleton Lord Wave. Vanquish this fearsome leader, and you’ll be rewarded with the coveted Stronghold Key.

This key unlocks the imposing green vault hidden beneath the main fort structure. Inside lies the true reward – a treasure trove overflowing with loot, including guaranteed high-value items.

So there you have it, mateys! With this Sea of Thieves guide and a thirst for adventure, you’ll be conquering Skeleton Forts and amassing a fortune in no time. Now raise the Jolly Roger, set sail, and claim your destiny as a legendary pirate!