Samantha Ronson Bashes Paris Hilton’s Insulting DJ Career

Posted by PZ on July 10th, 2012

Samantha Ronson has hit out at Paris Hilton for not putting in enough effort into her chosen career path. Paris recently tried to launch herself as a DJ which ended up going terribly (she was booed at a Brazilian music festival) and now Samantha Ronson has aired her opinion of Paris and how her Djing career is an insult to other DJs who actually work hard – because we all know being a DJ is one of the hardest things ever. Samantha ranted that Paris doesn’t put in the time and is just out to cash in:

“That whole sh*t with her is just like ‘oh, come on man, like she’s tried everything now. Put some quality the sh*t you do, put some effort into it. Listen, if you do the work, it will speak for yourself. If you’re going to be like ‘oh I’m just going to figure out how I’m going to make some money this week,’ it just insults the people that work really hard at it.

She finished off the rant by stating:

“It’s me calling myself a doctor from like reading WebMD twice.”

Samantha seems to be taking herself a little too seriously (we all know she’s equally to blame for using nepotism advantageously) but she probably has a point about Paris – although we all knew it already!

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