Sam Taylor-Johnson Admits She’s “Obsessed With Clothes”


’50 Shades of Grey’ director Sam Taylor-Johnson has admitted she is “utterly obsessed” with all things fashion and thinks her addiction for clothes is actually “embarrassing”. Sam thinks her love for fashion came from not having many style choices during her childhood because she is now trying to make up for that! She explains that she often collects multiples of items and says it a luxury that she enjoys. The director commented:

”I am completely, utterly obsessed with clothes. To an embarrassing extent, I don’t want to delve too deeply, but it’s probably got something to do with being that child at school who wore my shoes down until the soles were worn through, and then I got a new pair. I didn’t have multiple pairs of shoes. Now having 100 pairs of shoes, or whatever, feels so luxurious.”

Male model Jamie Dornan is taking on the main role in Sam’s upcoming film ’50 Shades of Grey’, and he recently commented on what it’s like to switch from model to actor in the spotlight. He explained that he has always preferred being on the screen:

”There’s a certain stigma attached to the whole thing of model-turned-actor. But I was always quite a reluctant model, to my agent’s annoyance. I was never hugely keen on it or doing it, and in a weird way I didn’t do a great deal of it. They happened to be jobs that ended up on the sides of buses, but it wasn’t this all-consuming thing. I’ve never done a catwalk show in my life.”