Salma Hayek Shares Her Most Important Beauty Tips


At 49, Salma Hayek looks gorgeous. The actress has shared the beauty tips that she always swears by on a daily basis, explaining that her two most important rules are quite simple ones to follow: don’t go to sleep without taking your makeup off, and don’t over-pluck your eyebrows. She commented that she will always remove her makeup no matter how she feels:

“No matter how bad my habits are I always take my make-up off before bed. Even if I’m exhausted or sick I take it off. I don’t pluck my eyebrows for 90 percent of the year but one thing I always do is take my make-up off.”

Salma has a young daughter named Valentina who is only eight and is already a talented makeup artist. Salma explains that Valentina often gets requests and she has picked up many makeup artist secrets from the talented glam squad her mother works with:

“She is so good with make-up. So, so good that I have an assistant that sometimes asks her to do her make-up before she goes out. She’s done my make-up and she’s really, really good! I have the opportunity to work with great make-up artists and she’s watching them like a hawk.”

She may be strict with her beauty regime, but Salma admits she won’t stop herself from eating what she wants and she often lacks the motivation to hit the gym:

“I have the bad habit of not exercising and not eating healthy food. I have the bad habit of liking wine and cocktails. I’m sometimes lazy with the maintenance. Altogether it’s a lot of work.”