Salma Hayek Shares Her Anti-Aging Beauty Secret & Hair Styling Tips

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Actress Salma Hayek is passionate about beauty. She already has her own skincare line and reveals she is always trying to take care of her skin’s biggest problems, which lately is the tension in the skin. Salma says that although it’s natural to lose that elasticity as she ages, she does use one of her own products which she says has worked to fix the problem:

“The tension in the skin is beginning to give up. And I do use my AM/PM serum. I swear it works. I’m not lying. But you have to do it every day.”

Salma says she used to enjoy experimenting with her look when she was younger and even had a punk phase:

“I had different looks. I was punk for a little bit, later in high school. I’ve explored.”

Speaking on how she likes to style her hair, Salma says she will change how it looks depending on her outfit and she tries to take her overall appearance into account:

“When I’m wearing something where there’s a lot going on, it’s better to pull it back or make it straight. Or with something very clean and severe, sometimes it’s nice to do straight hair.”

However, her husband and 7-year-old daughter Valentina both have different ideas of how she should wear her hair:

“[My husband] François always tries to make me wear the hair curled—if it was up to him, it would always be down, and it would always be curly. He says I look the best like that. Valentina sometimes says, ‘Mom, you could brush it or something when you come to pick me up at school.'”