RuneScape 3 News: Arena Graphics Update 

Welcome to this installment of our gaming guides! In this article, we will be exploring the new updates for RuneScape 3s free-to-play arena graphics update, plus more of this weeks later and greatest. The team at Jagex this week announced they decided to give the land of Gielinor somewhat of a makeover, offering players a more emetics visual experience. Additionally, those of you who are Prime members can find some epic new rewards. There’s sure to be more to come, so get to Chicks Gold, stock up your inventory and bank, and let’s get into it! 

Graphics Update 

To offer its players a little something more to look at, Jagex has decided to update the graphics in several of its free-to-play areas to give a refreshing look at the game. Unfortunately, as players have probably noticed, there are some inconsistencies in the game’s graphics, something both players and creators would like to put a stop to, so let’s check out where we can expect to see some revamps. 

Revamped Areas 

  • Archaeology Guild 
  • Barbarian Village 
  • Draynor Manor 
  • Edgeville
  • Entrance to Al-Kharid 
  • Falador (lighting update only) 
  • Goblin Village 
  • Grand Exchange 
  • Ice Mountain 
  • Lumber Yard 
  • Lumbridge 
  • Lumbridge Crater 
  • Paterdomus 
  • Varrock 

You may be wondering what exactly these areas will have changed or updated, so we have provided this also. Jagex has improved textures and lighting, updated Skyboxes, grass, and foliage, and updated and added blocking where necessary. 

The developers have stated that although they wish to offer their users an all round stunning game to look at, to do so will be rather time-consuming, hence the introduction of these more minor updates. So, we are eager to see what Jagex will update and improve next; we’re sure it will be phenomenal. 

Latest Improvements and Updates

Outside of the improvement to graphics for free-to-play members, RuneScape has additionally fixed some other issues and bugs users have been facing. Let’s check out what Jagex has been working on this week: 

  • An ongoing issue occurring at the Livid Farm has been resolved. When newer seeds are planted, they are no longer incorrectly placed. 
  • Fury and Frenzy’s damage over time will now increase when used simultaneously with Greater Barge’s effect. 
  • When conducting the Slayer assignment, the kill count will no longer get stuck at one kill. ● When claiming items from Yak Track, players should no longer encounter items appearing to be lost. 
  • Players taking on the Elite Clue Scroll should be able to now complete this, even within the volcano area. 
  • To prevent animation glitches, entering Moia’s memories while poisoned when you take on Daughter or Chaos is no longer possible. 
  • For players playing as Moia, you will experience a smoother gameplay that has been better adjusted for your enjoyment. 
  • Upon dying, a player’s Invention skill level will now be restored. 

Prime Game Rewards 

For those who are Prime Members, there’s also some excellent news for you! As of next week, the new drop will provide seven days of Membership and a Prime Package. This package will include Aura Refreshes, Pulse Cores, and much more, all of which will be available on September 13th! 

Player Events This Week 

As you will know, each week, the Pink Skirts host a series of activities for players to participate in; here are the events of the week, should you wish to participate. 

Mega Duck Hunt 

This event is taking place on Wednesday, September 7th at 20:00(game time) in world 39 at Falador Park. The Mega Duck Hunt will be hosted by Steve20058 and Mega Duck. 

FC: Mega Duck 

Vorago Boss Mass 

The second event on our list is set to start at 13:00 (game time) in world 35 at Varago Borehole; this event will be hosted by M E R C Y & Dung Titan.

FC: Dung Titan 

Stealing Creation 

The final event of the week will also take place on Saturday evening, beginning at 22:00 (game time). The Stealing Creation event will be hosted in world 99 at Stealing Creation Lobby by your hosts Lady Spurs, Michael Silk, and Fast SC. 

FC: Fast SC 

Thank You For Reading! 

We would once again like to thank our readers for choosing us to keep them up to date with RuneScape and the gaming world! We hope you enjoyed your time with us and found exactly what you need, and we hope to see you again in our next article, where we will be bringing you more of all that the gaming world has to offer! Don’t forget to stay tuned; we’re sure RuneScape will be bringing more exciting content soon.