RuneScape 2023 Christmas Event: Rewards & How to Get Them

runescape 2023 christmas event rewards
Image via Jagex

The holiday season is in full swing, and RuneScape is celebrating with a festive Christmas event filled with exciting activities and a plethora of rewards. Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer or a new player, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in this year’s event.

How to Earn Christmas Spirit in RuneScape 2023 Christmas Event

To kickstart your festive journey, you’ll need to complete the holiday quest titled “It’s Snow Bother” and participate in various activities scattered throughout the area. These endeavors will earn you Christmas Spirit, a valuable currency that allows you to unlock rewards.

Event Rewards

Once you’ve accumulated enough Christmas Spirit, it’s time to visit the Christmas Spirit Shop and have a chat with Holly. The shop is conveniently located near the bridge, easily identifiable by the prominent Santa’s Lodge sign. Although the shop itself may be small, the sign serves as your guiding light towards the festive treasures.

Image via Jagex

Upon entering the Christmas Spirit Shop and speaking with Holly, you’ll notice that the items are neatly organized into different categories. This includes the new 2023 event items as well as legacy items from previous years. Thanks to this organization, finding your desired rewards will be a breeze.

Item Name Item Type Christmas Spirit Cost
Winter Hat (black and orange) Item 2000
Winter Scarf (black and orange) Item 2000
Letter to Santa (if missed prior) Item 400
Christmas wand Item 2500
Santa beard Item 2000
Santa sack Item 2000
Tinsel scarf Item 1500
Festive jumper Item 2000
Christmas jumper (KBD) Wardrobe Cosmetic 2500
Christmas jumper (Rudolph) Wardrobe Cosmetic 2500
Snowverload Head Wardrobe Cosmetic 1000
Snowverload Body Wardrobe Cosmetic 1000
Snowverload Legs Wardrobe Cosmetic 1000
Snowverload Snowstormer Wardrobe Cosmetic 1000
Penguin outfit Outfit 3000
Snowverload Ice Sickle Wardrobe Cosmetic 1500
Ice Amulet Item 1500
Ice Staff Wardrobe Cosmetic 1500
Ice Bow Wardrobe Cosmetic 1500
Ice Sword and Ice Off-hand Sword Wardrobe Cosmetic 1500
Ice Shield Wardrobe Cosmetic 1500
Horizon Wardrobe Cosmetic 2500
Portable Snowfall Wardrobe Cosmetic 3000
Sparkles Pet 2500
San’tar Spawnling Item 2000
Stringy Pet 2500
Rudolph Reborn Pet 2500
Merry Pet 3000
Chaotic Cookery Emote 500
Snowman Dance Emote 500
Freeze Emote 500
Dramatic Point Emote 500
Seal of Approval Emote 500
Rockin’ Around the Tree Emote 500
Cracker Pull Emote 500
Ice Skating Champion Emote 500
The Snow-drobe Emote 500
Snowboard (frosty) Item 1000
Snowboard (shark) Item 1000
Snowboard (skull) Item 1000
Snowboard (penguin) Item 1000
Snowboard (2016) Item 1000
Snowboard (2017) Item 1000
Ring of Snow Transmog Item 2500
Snow Globe Item 2500
Snowverload plushie Item 2000
Sir Coalington Embers plushie Item 2000
Santa-napped Teleport Animation 2500
Santa Title 1000
the Merry Title 1000

Jagex, the developers behind RuneScape, have graciously announced that any unspent Christmas Spirit will carry over to next year’s event. This means you can take your time, enjoy the festivities at your own pace, and rest assured that your earned Christmas Spirit won’t go to waste.

So, don’t miss out on the festivities! With its abundance of rewards and engaging activities, the RuneScape 2023 Christmas event is sure to make your holiday season even more memorable.