Rose Byrne Finds New York Street Style “Polished and Slick”

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Australian actress Rose Bryne spent several years in London before moving to New York City, and she says she instantly noticed the difference in style between the two places. She believes British street style is more “alternative” and when she first saw NYC style, she thought it looked “polished and sleek”. She is currently appearing in tv show ‘Damages’ which is set in NYC and says her character has this very polished and powerful look:

“When I moved to New York to start filming Damages, I found the US fashion scene so polished and slick by contrast. Although there are edgy little pockets, like Brooklyn, it’s not as alternative as London. The outfits worn by my lawyer character in the show, Ellen Parsons, got me into power dressing.”

Rose believes fashion is an important part of her job and she enjoys seeing the new wardrobe for a film to prepare her character, while equally she likes to take off her costume and return to her own personality too:

“Putting together a new character’s costume is always a lot of fun. If I’m doing a low-budget film, I sometimes bring in a few of my own things. Obviously my character in Bridesmaids was a great role; the costume designer, Leesa Evans, has become a dear friend. Once I’ve finished shooting I don’t tend to keep anything as it’s nice just to step back into being me for a while.”

The actress jokes that she hasn’t always been so stylish and she used to copy her sisters when she was younger:

“I grew up in Australia with two older sisters whose clothes I stole and copied unashamedly.”