Roblox Pixel Piece map – All 8 current locations

Pixel Piece Map  We’ve provided a map that details all of the areas that are currently accessible in Roblox Pixel Piece, so take a look at it if you’re stuck on where to go next!

Roblox Pixel Piece Map

The current map is a little lackluster, but it will give you an idea of where you should go and what level you should be before you go there. The water area in the game is massive, and getting to certain areas will take much longer than you think.

Remember that the map above is actually upside down in terms of the game’s compass. If you want to go to the Black Leg Trainer, for example, you would go south from the spawn island with the Bandit Boss, not north.Make sure to buy Log Pose items in Stores wherever you can find them. These will allow you to equip the item to your hotbar and will show you the exact location of the island.

Leveling Locations

  • Spawn Island – This is where you will spawn and level up. You’ll want to stay here until you reach level 15 before moving on. In the store, you can buy a sword and a boat.
  • Shells Town – This is the second area you should go to, which is around level 15 – 40. In the Store, you can buy various weapons as well as a better boat. You can also battle the Axe Hand Morgan Boss here.
  • Orange Town – This is the level 35-55 area where you can battle the Kabaji Boss.
  • Syrup Village – This is a level 70-100 area where you can battle Nuro Bandits and Pirates. You can also train with Geppo.
  • Shark Park – The final and most difficult island is level 110 – 170. You will battle the Orling Bandits and Boss, as well as the Korober Boss.

Miscellaneous Locations

  • Baratie Island – The trainer can be found in the middle of the map and can teach you Black Leg.
  • Central Port – This island has a Fruit Shop in the far south where you can buy various Fruits with in-game Gold or Robux.
  • Vaill Island – You can train with the Haki Trainer and take on the Ancient Gorilla on this island, which requires a level of 70 or higher to access.

That wraps up our guide to the maps and locations of Roblox Pixel Piece.