Roblox Blade Ball Ability Tier List: The Best Abilities to Dominate the Arena

Blade Ball Ability Tier List
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Roblox Blade Ball is a popular game that is known for its unique gameplay and diverse range of abilities. If you are new to the game, this tier list will be a great help as it ranks all of the abilities so that you can choose the best ones for your playstyle.

Roblox Blade Ball Ability Tier List

Tier Abilities
S Blink, Invisibility, Infinity, Reaper, Rapture, Super Jump
A Dash, Forcefield, Platform, Quad Jump, Shadow Step
B Freeze, Pull, Raging Deflect, Swap, Telekinesis, Thunder Dash, Wind Cloak
C Pulse

Best Abilities to Dominate the Arena

Infinity and Super Jump

The cream of the crop includes game-changers like Infinity and Super Jump, altering the gameplay’s dynamics significantly. Super Jump, in particular, stands out for exploiting opponents’ lack of focus on incoming aerial balls, making it a potent tool for eliminating adversaries.


Rapture, the rarest ability in the game, holds immense power, essentially serving as a game-winner or a game-changer with a single use. Its scarcity adds an extra layer of value, rewarding dedicated players who consistently engage with the game.


Among the starting abilities, Dash receives acclaim for its utility in closing the gap with opponents and limiting their chances to parry the ball. While it falls short of the S tier due to the availability of more unique and powerful starting abilities, Dash remains a formidable choice in skilled hands.


Lastly, Forcefield secures its spot in the list, offering utility in grinding or clashing scenarios at close range. However, its drawback lies in the risk of players becoming overly reliant on it, overshadowed by abilities with greater versatility and potential playstyles.

With this comprehensive tier list, players can now make informed decisions, strategically choosing abilities that align with their playstyles for an enhanced Roblox Blade Ball experience. Dive in, master your chosen powers, and dominate the Blade Ball arena!