Rita Ora’s Adidas Collection Inspired by Thrift Shop Finds


Rita Ora has just launched her first collaboration collection with Adidas Originals, the first of five, and she has opened up on where she found inspiration for the unique designs. To begin with, Rita made up moodboards and learnt everything she could about the collection she wanted to create. She explained that she studied hard:

”This being my first collection it was a real big moment for me. I’ve made moodboards since I can remember, so that was easy, but turning it into a reality was different. I studied it because I wanted to know what I was talking about. Now you can ask me anything about it and I can tell you.”

Rita turned to thrift shops in London to pick up cheap items so she could gain inspiration by turning her budget finds in to something fresh. She explained that although it was hard work, she found it helped her to create new ideas:

”It was refreshing. I expected it to be the way I found it, which was long days and long nights and I had a lot to learn. For inspiration I went back to the times where I would go shopping in Portobello Market and buy £3 T-shirts and rip them up and turn them into things.”

The singer now respects fashion designers much more because she knows just how much effort goes in to the final product:

”I have a whole different form of respect for designers now. There’s a lot that goes into it that I just didn’t think about when I used to just wear clothes.”