Rita Ora Talks Beauty Inspiration & Her Eyebrow Obsession


Singer Rita Ora loves all things beauty. She’s already had her own Rimmel makeup collaboration and she has now spoken on where she sources her inspiration for her unique looks. The singer admits she is “OCD” when it comes to perfecting her eyebrows in particular and says she spends hours creating the right shape for them:

“I tweeze my eyebrows… a lot. It’s all about finding the right shape and sticking to it – colouring in is also so important. I’ve always been a brow OCD psycho, tweezing them whenever I get a chance to! My favourite beauty secret? Sleep. Sleep fixes everything!”

Rita says her mother has passed along her secrets which includes using a very good eye cream and proper skincare. Rita also makes sure she stays hydrated to keep her skin in top condition:

“My mum has always been about the whole eye cream regime, she’s a big skincare fan. For me, it’s all about drinking enough water, doing face masks and face creams. Face cream is so important.”

Opening up on the main source of her inspiration, Rita says she loves to look to the 90s for musical, fashion and beauty inspiration. She loves how glamorous people looked and she often selects lip colours inspired by popular 90s shades. She explained:

“The 90s are inspiring for me musically but also visually. I am obsessed with the exaggeration of glamour during this period, mixing it up with my tomboy love – the whole 90s vibe, big chains and exaggeration of women being sexy but also masculine at the same time. I also love the headscarf era. I’ve also always been about the lips – especially the colour. Without a lip, I feel empty. I love lip colours from the 90s.”