Rita Ora on Her Experimental Style: “I’m Up For Trying Anything”


British singer Rita Ora has quickly ascended to style icon status recently, with an Adidas collaboration under her belt and numerous big fashion campaigns, the singer’s style continues to get her noticed and she has revealed that she has always been obsessed with getting dressed.¬†She laughs that she used to hide fashion magazines inside her school books and would constantly dream of having a glamorous lifestyle:

“I’d slot fashion magazines in my school books and get lost in a daydream world. I loved the idea of glamour, of feeling gorgeous and dressing up. I’ve always wanted to make an impact visually; it’s another way of identifying yourself.”

When asked if there is anything she wouldn’t wear, Rita says she is willing to give anything a go and nothing is off limits:

“Nope. I know people will think, ‘Yeah right’, but there really isn’t. I’m up for trying anything.”

The singer thanks her parents for not restricting her as she grew up because she got the chance to fully express herself through her outfits and she was left feeling very confident because of their support during those crucial teen years:

“My parents were great at bringing me up. They gave me morals but they never trapped me. Yeah, they might have thought I was a bit crazy with what I wore and what I did, but they were supportive and they made me really confident. I always just remind myself that whatever you choose to wear, at the end of the day, you’re not offending anybody.”