Rita Ora on Customizing Vintage & Her Evolving Tomboy Style


British singer Rita Ora has opened up on her past style, revealing that she grew up wearing mostly vintage clothes, and often she would customize the pieces to make them more unique. She joked that she would create “exclusive” items just by changing a few details:

“I grew up on Portobello Road [London, UK], so everything was vintage. The thing for us, what gave us the thrill, was that we were wearing ‘exclusive’ things, y’know, because we made them!”

The fashion-forward beauty comments that she often communicates through her sense of style, and when she was younger she was a tomboy and also collected sneakers:

“I use clothes so I don’t have to speak. I was always the tomboy growing up, I was always the goalie in the football team. I was a massive sneaker collector growing up because I worked in a sneaker shop.”

Her style has become more glamorous in recent years and she feels thrilled to be able to wear designer items because she gets to experiment with her style freely and finds it fun:

“It’s now evolved because I’ve been given the opportunity to wear these amazing pieces from these amazing designers and I never thought I’d wear these things in a million year. But it’s fun! I have fun with it.”

Opening up on what she would wear for a date, Rita comments that she’d opt for leather pants or something even sexier if the date was at home:

“Outfit of the moment for a night out would probably be a good pair of leather pants – sexy ones that show a bit of the top of the underwear, you know a bit of the hip. For a night in when someone special comes round, it’s usually nothing, but for a first date usually be something like ‘Oh I just slipped this on’ and it’s like silky lingerie or a gown with no shoes on.”