Rita Ora Inspired to Wear Red Lipstick by Gwen Stefani


Rita Ora is famous for her signature red lips, and now the British singer has revealed where she first got inspired to start wearing the powerful lipstick shade. Rita says that when she was 13, she first noticed how great Gwen Stefani’s bright red lip looked and she wanted to copy it:

“[I fell in love with red lipstick] when I was 13, I saw Gwen Stefani bouncing around on TV, and I was like, ‘Who is that? That’s what I want to do’.”

Rita jokes that her makeup hasn’t always been flawless and when she was a teenager she wore a lot of bad eyeliner which she now realizes looked awful:

“I used to put eyeliner on the bottom of my eyes. It would always smudge, and I’d look like I had massive bags.”

The singer, who is also the current face of DKNY and has just released a collaboration collection with Adidas, adds that she also enjoys hair experiments and often tries out new colours and cuts on wigs with her hair stylist. She explained:

“I love playing with hair colours and semi-permanent dyes. My hairstylist Chris [Appleton] is just as experimental as I am, so we buy 20 million wigs and play with them. We cut them up and mess around. It’s all about characters. We just love creating different types of characters.”

Rita is also a big fan of nail art and loves changing her nails regularly because she thinks it’s just another way of decorating an outfit:

“I have glitter today because I knew I was wearing silver, and it’s an unusual dress. I love the fact that it’s like that. I love the Japanese nail art, and I’m obsessed with what you can do with nails. It’s another form of decorating yourself, so why wouldn’t you?”