Rita Ora Creating New York Inspired Scent for DKNY


Rita Ora is everywhere right now – the singer has landed multiple fashion campaigns for the upcoming Autumn/Winter 2014 season and she has been closely working with DKNY as the face of their images. She is now also set to team up with the label to create her own scent inspired by New York City which will be titled ‘My NY’. Rita says that the city holds some amazing memories for her and she feels it’s where many of her big career moments happened:

”They explained the concept, ‘My NY’ being about New York and it having to be the city in a bottle and that’s where it came from. And I was, ‘Oh,’ because New York is a really special place. It’s where I went into the studio for the first time, that’s where I got signed, that’s where things happened for me. It made sense and it was a young, fresh fragrance so it smelled awesome and the bottle is awesome. There was no reason for me not to do it.”

Rita adds that fragrances have always been important to her because she likes to use as many tools as possible to look and feel her best, and she thinks having a great scent is part of her look:

”The perfume world is new for me but smelling good is really important. As you can see, everything that I’m doing that we can do to decorate as a woman, so nails, smell, hair, make-up, clothes, underwear, everything I use. I use the tools that we get given. So for me doing a perfume was the next step to being fabulous.”