Remnant 2: The Forgotten Kingdom DLC Arrives Soon – Release Date, Price, Story Details Revealed!

The highly anticipated “The Forgotten Kingdom” DLC launches sooner than you think. Here’s a breakdown of everything you need to know:


The Forgotten Kingdom picks up where The Awakened King left off, taking place in the world of Yaesha. Players will delve into the mysterious history of a lost tribe while facing a new threat – the vengeful wrath of an ancient stone spirit named Lydusa. Explore uncharted areas, uncover forgotten secrets, and battle fearsome new enemies as you attempt to quell Lydusa’s rage.

Remnant 2 Forgotten Kingdom DLC Release Date

Mark your calendars! As announced by Gunfire Games, The Forgotten Kingdom DLC launches on April 23rd, 2024. This expansion follows the successful The Awakened King DLC, and will be available on all platforms where the base game resides: PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

Remnant 2 Forgotten Kingdom release date
Image via Gearbox Publishing


The DLC will cost $9.99 as a standalone purchase. However, it’s also part of a previously announced DLC Bundle containing all three planned DLC packs for Remnant 2. This bundle offers The Awakened King (released in November 2023), The Forgotten Kingdom, and immediate access to the yet-to-be-revealed final DLC for a price of $24.99.

So, are you ready to face the challenges that await in The Forgotten Kingdom? With the release date just around the corner, it’s time to gear up and prepare for another epic journey in Remnant 2!