Relaxing in the warm Caribbean waters. Kylie Jenner spends some time on the beach by herself, where she flaunts her post-baby body in a thong bikini

This week, Kylie Jenner was spotted relaxing in paradise after a stressful month that reportedly included a split from her long-term boyfriend, Travis Scott.

Kylie Jenner parades her body after baby in skimpy thong bikini as she enjoys alone time on the beach following Travis Scott split

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After removing her tiny lime green mini skirt, the Kylie Cosmetics mogul was seen strolling alone on the beach in the Caribbean country of Turks and Caicos.

With her jet black hair pulled back and some narrow sunglasses, the 25-year-old star of The Kardashians, who was in Paris last week, looked incredible in a very skimpy black bikini.

As she modeled the stylish two-piece swimsuit, the Calabasas, California, native looked to be at her svelte best.

Throughout the Course Of Nearly a year after giving birth to her son Aire, Kylie star appeared to be in excellent health. She credited her at-home gym workouts for her slim waist and toned upper body.

The stunning woman also has a daughter named Stormi, who will turn five on Wednesday. They didn’t see the little girl with her mother at the beach.

Jenner wore minimal jewelry, mainly bangles and a pair of thin gold anklets on her left foot. Rose-colored lipstick and blush complemented her perfectly filled-in eyebrows.

She wore a tiny, bright green miniskirt when she arrived at the beach. She lifted it to reveal a red butt tattoo.

After getting the word “before” tattooed to the left of her preexisting “sanity” hip tattoo in July 2016, Jenner became a viral sensation.

Before heading down to the shore to cool off, she was also carrying a cute little handbag in shades of light and dark green. Kendall Jenner’s little sister, Kylie, was spotted getting her sandy feet wet in an outdoor shower.

Her close friend Stassie Baby, whose real name is Anastasia Karanikolaou, was spotted in the Turks and Caicos the day before.

Therefore, it’s safe to assume she’s accompanying Kylie on her trip.

The reality show star seems to be totally single right now.

It was reported in early January that she and Scott had broken up again after getting back together in 2020. According to Us Weekly, a close friend of the reality star and the 31-year-old rapper from Texas has revealed that the couple has broken up again despite the fact that they “were supposed to spend the holidays together.”

However, it’s worth noting that the cosmetics magnate jetted off to Aspen for the holiday.

Kendall Jenner came along, as did a few close friends like the Biebers, Hailey and Justin.

They’ve been on and off numerous times before, so this is nothing new.

However, the pair “will always remain friends and great co-parents,” the source told Us Weekly.

Kylie’s mini-me, Stormi, joined her on the winter vacation to ring in the year 2023. The media mogul and the singer also skipped out on the Kardashian-Jenners’ holiday party last month.

Ahead of the start of the holiday season, the businesswoman was seen in Miami with other family members like Kim and Khloe Kardashian at Wayne and Cynthia Boich’s party during Art Basel Miami, where Travis and famous rapper 50 Cent performed.

Kylie and her then-boyfriend were spotted sharing an affectionate moment, including an embrace, during the star-studded event, where she showed her support for the Goosebumps hitmaker.

After starting a relationship in 2017, the couple decided to take some time apart in early October 2019. Baby Stormi was born to the happy couple in February of 2018. A source close to the couple said, “They are taking some time but not done” to People at the time of the initial breakup. They still have trust issues, but those are more the result of their hectic lifestyles than anything else.

Us Weekly reported that a source said, “Kylie and Travis have been on and off at various times throughout their relationship,” adding that the Kylie Cosmetics founder “still loves Travis and this isn’t considered a full breakup to either of them.”

Although they had been physically apart for some time, the stars remained close and were quarantined together during the COVID epidemic. A source reportedly told People in May of 2021 that Kylie and Travis still ‘love each other’ and ‘enjoy spending family time with Stormi.’

A source close to the couple added, “Kylie and Travis also have date nights.” They put in a lot of effort to make their family dynamic work for them… Kylie and Tyga are not exclusive, but Kylie is not seeing anyone else.