Rachel Zoe Speaks on Her Star Clients& How Family Has Changed Her

Posted by admin on October 4th, 2017

Stylist-turned-designer Rachel Zoe has opened up on how having children has changed her life. After touching down in Australia recently, Rachel admits she was in tears because she missed her family so much. She adds that having children has completely changed how she sees life but she still gets so excited to be working in fashion:

“Fashion was my only baby before, but when you have children you automatically become a different person. I cried nearly all the way here as I miss them so much. Sure, fashion was my first love but the love for my kids, that is an intoxicating love. Having my kids has put a whole new perspective on life. While, of course, I still get my most amazing kick and adrenalin rush from seeing my clients wearing what I suggested they should, but my kids are my entire being and every breath I take is for them.”

Rachel feels thrilled to have such amazing star clients still and thinks she has been incredibly lucky with her career to date: “Jennifer Lawrence and Jennifer Garner are long standing clients and I have been so fortunate to work with so many (celebs) but hey, they’re just normal people with some having become great friends.’’

The designer adds that she is addicted to social media and she enjoys interacting with fans. She also thinks it’s very valuable to reach out to people:

“Only (problem is) I take so long to Instagram something. Across our platforms we have about ten and a half million people and the thing l love so much about it is the interaction we have. I think it is fantastic but I post what I love, not just post to say hello or show-off. I recognise from a business position how important it is.’’

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