Rachel McAdams’ 9 Favorite Hairstyles, Hair Colors and Cuts

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Rachel McAdams has one of the most beautiful manes in Hollywood. Since her role as Regina George in “Mean Girls,” Canada’s Sweetheart has turned heads with her various haircuts.

Even on the red carpet, the “True Detective” actress isn’t hesitant to experiment with her hair, whether it’s dying her blond locks pink or sporting a wavy brunette haircut. Thanks to this article, we can finally honor her various hairdos.

List 9 of Rachel McAdams’ favorite hairstyles

  • Long straight light blonde hairstyle with blonde highlights
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Rachel McAdams is showing us how to have a timeless look like hers.

This sleek design is stacked at the perimeter to break up the length and provide definition. You can achieve a similar style with a blow-wave and some product to add hold and shine. The great finishing touch to this hairdo is the strategically placed highlights.

  • Medium straight light blonde hairstyle with side swept bangs
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This haircut is medium in length and falls gracefully to the shoulders, where the textured layers cut into the ends can be seen. This works wonderfully for folks with lengthy face types, but regular trims are required to keep it looking its best.

  • Long straight brunette updo hairstyle with side swept bangs
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This lovely hairdo is ideal for women with round faces since the hair is set, teased, rolled, and pinned to the head to create body and volume at the crown. The gorgeous final result is due in large part to the way the bangs frame the eyes and soften the overall look.

  • Short straight layered dark blonde bob haircut with side swept bangs
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Rachel McAdams is stunning with her hair cut short and styled in a windswept fashion.

To create texture and contour, the sides of this short, stylish cut were jaggedly trimmed. This style, in which the top is separated on the side and pulled behind the ear, is ideal for framing a long face.

Holding and shining products are required, as are frequent trims to keep the hair in good condition.

  • Medium straight golden blonde half up half down hairstyle
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This chic hairstyle is achieved via blow-waves, which cause the ends to flip outward. Height is added by teasing the top and pinning it back, creating a stunning overall effect. This hairdo can be recreated with minimal effort and looks great at any event.

  • Long straight golden blonde hairstyle with blunt cut bangs
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These tresses are blow-waved to create a sleek and shiny style from the roots to the ends. This haircut is perfect for shortening a long or narrow face since the thick bangs are slicked down to frame the top. Maintaining healthy locks requires a haircut every 4 to 6 weeks to eliminate split ends.

  • Medium wavy light blonde bob haircut with side swept bangs
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Rachel McAdams is demonstrating a cute and enjoyable way to style your bob haircut.

The blunt cut is fantastic because it displays her confidence in her own tastes and because it beautifully frames her face and the top of her neck. The side parting emphasizes her eyes and cheekbones while also framing her face.

This cut is perfect for those who want shorter hair but still want to experiment with different looks and styling options.

You should get a trim every four weeks or so to maintain the bob and keep the ends healthy.

  • Long straight blonde updo hairstyle with side swept bangs and light blonde highlights
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Rachel McAdams is absolutely radiant in an updo that places emphasis on her beautiful face.

Rachel’s oval face and medium hair are made for this stunning evening outfit. Rachel, who has a prominent forehead, should wear her hair in an updo that is swept back from her face. This emphasizes her high cheekbones and huge eyes without distracting from the main subject.

This polished appearance may be achieved with little effort and suitable for women with fine to medium hair.

  • Medium curly brunette hairstyle with side swept bangs and blonde highlights
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Rachel McAdams shows us how to achieve a timeless hairdo.

Curls so fine that they frame her face and neck. If you curl your hair in the morning or before a special event, remember to do it tightly. This will help you maintain waves in your hair, as curls tend to fall out as you move around. Apply some hairspray to seal in your curls and you’re ready to go.