Quick Facts about Electrostatic Sprayers

Posted by admin on May 20th, 2020

Electrostatic sprayers are new age machines that are filled with strong positively charged liquid. This liquid is safe to use on any kind of surface. It spreads evenly on the surfaces that are dirty, polluted and infected or, in other words, negatively charged and rids them of harmful content. These sprayers are gradually gaining popularity owing to their efficacy as well as ease of use.

Let us acquaint you better with this essential cleaning tool.

Key Highlights of Electrostatic Sprayers

As already mentioned, electrostatic sprayer is filled with an effective liquid that thoroughly cleans and disinfects places. Here are few more key highlights of good quality sprayers:

1. These are lightweight and extremely easy to operate. Most of these have an ergonomic design that makes handling them all the more easy.

2. They come with a trigger lock that keeps the liquid from spilling accidentally.

3. A headlight is usually affixed in these equipments. This makes it easy to target the surface to be cleaned.

4. They enable controlled outflow of chemicals. So, you need not worry about overuse.

Why Use Electrostatic Sprayers?

The main reason why electrostatic sprayers must be used is that they help in cleaning objects and surfaces thoroughly. Let us have a closer look at why this technique is better than other kinds of cleaning methods:

All Round Protection

It is difficult to clean the corners as we mop and wipe surfaces. The places that are left out often become home for different kinds of insects and germs. These organisms lead to various illnesses. On the other hand, electrostatic spray reaches every nook and corner thereby cleaning the place thoroughly. This keeps infectious germs at bay and gives way to a healthy life.

Easy to Use

Electrostatic sprayer is quite easy to use. You just need to fill it with compatible liquid disinfectant. These liquids are readily available in the market. Thereafter, pull the trigger and spray the liquid evenly on the surfaces and objects that require cleaning. The procedure is extremely effortless unlike mopping that is quite a taxing process.

Less Time Consuming

Electrostatic spraying does not only require less effort but is also less time consuming. It can be done in just a few minutes. All you need to do is pick the sprayer and spray the liquid and the task is done.

Safety Measures to be Taken

Electrostatic sprayer can be used with ease. However, one must take some safety measures so as to prevent any kind of harm to self as well as those around. Here is a look at the measures that should be taken:

  • The person operating the machine must wear gloves.
  • Proper dust mask should be worn to cover the mouth and nose.
  • Good quality eye gear should also be worn.
  • The place to be disinfected must be vacant.
  • Anyone present at the site must cover his nose and mouth.

We hope this piece of information gives you a clear idea about what electrostatic sprayers are, how they work and as to why this process of cleaning is gaining popularity.

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