Pokemon Sleep Biscuits: How to Obtain and Use Them

Pokemon Sleep Biscuits
Images via The Pokémon Company

To maximize your chances of catching rare species and shiny Pokemon, it’s crucial to understand and utilize a valuable item called Biscuits. In this article, we will delve into the details of Biscuits in Pokemon Sleep and provide you with information on how to acquire them.

What’re Biscuits used for?

Biscuits in Pokemon Sleep are special items that enhance your friendship level with Pokemon that gather around Snorlax. By feeding Biscuits to specific species, you can increase your friendship meter with them, ultimately allowing you to add them to your Pokemon Sleep team.

Additionally, having Biscuits in your inventory increases the likelihood of encountering and catching more Pokemon, including rare species and shiny Pokemon. These items function similarly to Razz Berries in Pokemon Go, making it easier to capture elusive creatures in Pokemon Sleep.

Types of Biscuits in Pokémon Sleep

There are several types of Biscuits available in Pokémon Sleep. Here are the different varieties you can obtain:

Biscuit Type Friendship Points
Poke Biscuit
    • Adds +1 Friendship Point
Great Biscuit
    • Adds +3 Friendship Points
Master Biscuit
    • Adds max amount of Friendship Points
Bonus Biscuit
    • Adds +3 Friendship Points
    • Received daily for Regular Sleep Pass holders
Premium Bonus Biscuit
  • Adds +4 Friendship Points
  • Received daily for Premium Sleep Pass holders

How to Get them

To acquire Biscuits in Pokémon Sleep, you can employ various methods.

Collect Daily Bonus Biscuits

Logging into the game each day rewards players with one Bonus Biscuit. It’s important to note that players can accumulate and stack up Bonus Biscuits in their inventory.

Exchange Sleep Points for Biscuits

Players can exchange the Sleep Points they earn from sleep sessions in Pokemon Sleep for Biscuits. The exchange rate for Poke, Great, and Master Biscuits is as follows:

  • Poke Biscuit: 150 Sleep Points
  • Great Biscuit: 400 Sleep Points
  • Master Biscuit: 4000 Sleep Points

Complete Sleep Sessions

Biscuits can be obtained as rewards for completing sleep sessions in Pokemon Sleep. To be eligible for these rewards, you must track at least 90 minutes of sleep.

Use Diamonds to Purchase Biscuits

In Pokemon Sleep, Diamonds are the in-game currency. Players can use Diamonds to purchase Biscuits from the in-game shop. The shop offers the following options:

  • 3x Poke Biscuits: 180 Diamonds
  • 3x Great Biscuits: 600 Diamonds

So equip your toolkit with temptation. The right biscuits are sure to earn trust from even the wildest of wilderness species. Happy hunting, and sleep well trainers! May your dreams be filled with Pokémon.