Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: How to Complete “Catch the Pokemon with the Limited Hints” & Perrin’s Quest in Indigo Disk DLC

Perrin’s Quest Indigo Disk

Navigating the new quests in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: Indigo Disk can be puzzling, but fear not, trainers! This guide will help you complete “Catch the Pokemon with the Limited Hints” and Perrin’s quest with ease.

How to Complete Perrin’s Quest in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: Indigo Disk

Perrin’s quest might seem straightforward at first glance – capture 200 Pokémon. However, the Blueberry Pokédex boasts 243 unique creatures, surpassing even your completed Paldea Pokédex.

So, how do you crack the case of Perrin’s quest? Here are your detective tools:

  • Catch ‘Em All: This classic approach remains true. Stock up on Great and Ultra Balls, and consider using Net Balls and Dusk Balls for specific situations. Explore every biome, day and night, and weather conditions, as some Pokémon are shy or elusive.
  • Beyond Wanders: Don’t just aimlessly roam! Certain Legendaries require specific actions or NPC interactions to encounter. Be a detective and unravel the mysteries.
  • Homeward Bound: Update 3.2.1 brings Pokémon Home compatibility to the Indigo Disk! Cross-reference your existing Pokémon with the Blueberry Pokédex and register them instantaneously, saving precious time.
  • Friendship is Power: Trading with friends is a fantastic way to fill your Pokedex. If you have different versions of the game, you can share version-exclusive Pokémon, doubling your collective potential!

Once you’ve crossed the 200-Pokémon threshold, Perrin will reveal the location of the highly anticipated Paradox Pokémon! Depending on your version, you’ll either face the electrifying Raging Bolt in Scarlet or the iron-clad Iron Crown in Violet. These powerful creatures are unique to the Indigo Disk and offer a thrilling challenge for seasoned trainers.

How to Complete “Catch the Pokemon with the Limited Hints” Quest

While playing Union Circle and tackling those BBQs, you might encounter this curious Group Quest: “Catch the Pokemon that matches the limited hints you’ve been given!” But wait… what hints? The quest seems frustratingly silent. Fear not, for the clues are actually hiding in plain sight!

Unlocking the Clues:

  1. Open your BBQ menu by pressing the right button on your D-pad.
  2. Highlight the golden Group Quest and press ‘A’.
  3. Voilà! A menu reveals the limited hints for your target Pokemon.

In my case, the limited hints were “Bug” and “Electric.” This instantly pointed me towards Joltik and Galvantula, both of whom reside in the bottom of the Chargestone Caverns, surrounded by a web of electric energy. Remember, trainers, evolved forms are the way to go! Don’t waste your Poke Balls on unevolved prospects.

That’s all for our Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: Indigo Disk guide!