Pokemon Go Guide: How to Get Shiny Sandile, Krokorok, and Krookodile

Are you on the hunt for rare Pokemon to add some sparkle to your collection? Then look no further than the Sandile family – Sandile, Krokorok, and Krookodile – all with stunning shiny forms waiting to be discovered!

Why Shiny Sandile, Krokorok, and Krookodile?

These Pokémon stand out not only for their unique color schemes but also for their impressive battling capabilities. Sandile’s dual-typing of Ground and Dark grants it a distinct edge in battle, while its evolutions, Krokorok and Krookodile, become powerhouses with high attack stats.


Here’s a quick reference guide for the Sandile evolution line, including their base stats and some noteworthy moves:

  • Sandile (Shiny)
    • Attack: 132
    • Defense: 69
    • Stamina: 137
    • Fast Attacks: Bite, Mud-Slap
    • Charged Attacks: Dig, Bulldoze, Crunch
  • Shiny Krokorok (Evolves from Sandile with 25 candies)
    • (Stats and move pool are identical to Sandile)
  • Shiny Krookodile (Evolves from Krokorok with 100 candies)
    • Attack: 229
    • Defense: 158
    • Stamina: 216
    • Fast Attacks: Snarl, Mud-Slap
    • Charged Attacks: Earthquake, Brick Break, Outrage, Crunch

How to Get Shiny Sandile, Krokorok, and Krookodile in Pokemon Go?

Shiny Sandile, unfortunately, is one of the rarest Pokemon Go has to offer. Trainers can only acquire them by hatching them from 12km eggs. Here’s the key: to increase your chances, focus on collecting as many 12km eggs as possible. A proven method is defeating Team Go Rocket Grunts, as they’re a reliable source of these coveted eggs.

pokemon go shiny sandile

Once you hatch your Shiny Sandile, the journey continues! Evolving it into Shiny Krokorok requires 25 candies, while Krookodile requires 100 candies. Remember, these evolutions retain their magnificent shine!

Remember, trainers, shiny hunting is a marathon, not a sprint. Stay persistent, hatch those eggs, and soon, these magnificent shiny Pokemon will grace your collection!

About Pokemon Go

Pokémon GO is a popular augmented reality mobile game developed by Niantic in collaboration with Nintendo and The Pokémon Company. Released in 2016, the game allows players to explore the real world to capture, train, and battle virtual Pokémon. The game has been praised for its innovative use of augmented reality and for encouraging players to get outside and explore their neighborhoods.