Pokemon GO Guide – Best picks & moves for the Mountain Cup Greate League Edition

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best moves mountain cup pokemon go With this Pokemon Go guide, you’ll know exactly which picks and moves to use to dominate the Mountain Cup Greate League Edition.

Pokemon GO Guide – Best picks & moves for the Mountain Cup Greate League Edition

This time, the rules for the mountain-themed PvP event are fairly straightforward. To begin, all Pokemon must have 1,500 CP or less, which is standard for the Great League. All picks must also be Ground, Ice, Rock, or Stell-types, which is where the mountain theme comes in. The only ban is on Swampert. Everything else with those types is fair game, and we’ll go over ten of the best picks with their moves below.

Mountain Cup Best Picks:

  • Altaria – Dragon Breath (Fast) and Moonblast / Sky Attack (Charged)
  • Bastiodon XL – Smack Down (Fast) and Stone Edge / Flamethrower (Charged)
  • Dubwool – Double Kick (Fast) and Body Slam and Payback (Charged)
  • Galarian Stunfisk – Mud Shot (Fast) and Rock Slide / Earthquake (Charged)
  • Medicham XL – Counter (Fast) and Psychic / Ice Punch (Charged)
  • Noctowl – Wing Attack (Fast) and Sky Attack / Shadow Ball (Charged)
  • Pelipper – Wing Attack (Fast) and Water Weather Ball / Hurricane (Charged)
  • Registeel – Lock On (Fast) and Focus Blast / Zap Cannon (Charged)
  • Scrafty – Counter (Fast) and Foul Play / Power-Up Punch (Charged)
  • Trevenant – Shadow Claw (Fast) and Seed Bomb / Shadow Ball (Charged)

Keep in mind that you’ll still need to balance the team with each Pokemon you choose. In the Pokemon GO Battle League, it’s critical to have roles such as a lead who can burn shields as the battle begins, a flex pick, and a closer with some defense who can soak up massive nukes.

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