Pokemon Fans Face a Longer Wait: Gen 10 Leaks Hint at 2026 Release

Eager to catch ’em all in a whole new region? It looks like Pokemon fans might have to wait a while. Leaks suggest a delay for Generation 10, but there’s still exciting news on the horizon for 2025.

Pokemon Fans Face a Longer Wait: Gen 10 Leaks Hint at 2026 Release

Traditionally, Pokemon releases follow a three-year cycle. However, reputable leaker Riddler_Khu indicates a potential shift in this pattern. Their intel suggests Generation 10 might arrive alongside the franchise’s 30th anniversary in 2026. This means fans will likely have to wait a bit longer than anticipated.

The leak also throws a curveball at the release date of Pokemon Legends: Z-A. While some predicted an early 2025 launch, Khu hints at a later release window. This news extends the wait for both the next generation and the upcoming Legends title.

Pokemon gen 10
Image via The Pokemon Company

Riddler_Khu boasts a history of reliable Pokemon leaks, making their claims noteworthy. However, it’s always wise to approach leaks with a hint of caution until official confirmation arrives.

Assuming these leaks hold true, it suggests Generation 10 development is targeting the rumored Nintendo Switch successor. While details about this console remain scarce, its potential 2025 launch timeframe aligns with the leaked Gen 10 release window.

While Gen 10 awaits, 2025 still promises exciting adventures. This year’s Pokemon Day saw the announcement of Pokemon Legends: Z-A, confirmed for the Nintendo Switch. The leak also teases a potential reveal of the starter Pokemon for Legends: Z-A sometime in 2024. This news could help tide over eager trainers until the game’s official release date.

While the wait for Gen 10 might be extended, Pokemon Legends: Z-A and the potential starter reveal offer exciting stepping stones on the path to the next generation. Stay tuned, trainers, for further official announcements!