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Poetic Pop Quiz AFK Arena – All Questions and answers (updated February 2023)

Poetic Pop Quiz AFK Arena - All Questions and answers 2022

What is Poetic Pop Quiz AFK Arena ?

Each day, players will be given five new Poetic Pop Quiz AFK Arena questions to answer. It is important to answer each question correctly to get the maximum rewards available.

Poetic Pop Quiz AFK Arena rewards

Each round will be comprised of 5 questions. For each question answered correctly, 1 Resource Reward will be awarded. Each reward chest allows players to select a six-hour time skip for Hero Essence, Hero EXP or Gold (4x). These rewards are as follows:

Poetic Pop Quiz progress points Reward
Correctly answer 10 total questions 10x Common Hero Scrolls
Correctly answer 20 total questions 2,000 Diamonds
Correctly answer 30 total questions 10x Faction Scrolls
Correctly answer 40 total questions 1x Reward Choice Chest


AFK Arena Poetic Pop Quiz : Questions & answers February 2023 :

  • Day 1 – February 3rd, 2023
Question Answer
In the stoty of Ezizh – Lord of Nightmares, whose statue did the villagers destroy? Tasi – Dreamhopper
What is Veiythael – The Shinning Sword’s identify before becoming a Celestial? Soldier
Which of the following heroes is not a Temple Cleric? Oscar – The True Gentleman
Which stat doed the Trail of Life created by Bellellow’s Healing Bloom skill increase for allies within range?  Received Healing
Of these, which has their eyes open in their avatar?  Kelthur – Plaguegrip
  • Day 2 – February 4th, 2023
Question Answer
In the story of Canisa & Ruke – Chimera of Ire, what did human mages try to transform the Mauler into? Lightbearers
Who guided Palmer – Luminous Archbisshop down the path of serving the Divine Light Giovanni
What was the name of the grandfather of Rowan – The Roamer? Jarle
After receiving what effect from an ally will Belinda – Spark of Hope cast Blaze of Glory back on the ally? Energy Recovery
At the beginning of the battle, how many companions does Kren – The Fanatical summon to place mines in the energy’s backline? 5
  • Day 3 – February 5th, 2023
Question Answer
In the story of Mulan – The Magnolia, which clan did Taya, the merchant she encounter, belong to? Tigerfolk
What was the former name of Salaki – The Cursebearer? Sivi
If Energy Burst is triggered when Veithael – The Shining Sword uses Hear No Evil, which stats of the target taking damage from Energy Burst will it permantly reduce? Insight and Prociency
Is the Wisdom & Hope Union, the “Wisdom” and the “Hope” refer to which heroes? Tasi – Dreamhopper & Ulmus – Aldermarrow
What kind of enemies will Lucretia – The Betrayed’s skill ‘Deathwish’ allow her to hunt down? Enemy witht the hightest attack rating
  • Day 4 – February 6th, 2023
Question Answer
In the stoty of Ezizh – Lord of Nightmares, who dreamed of his own wife? Village Chief
Which of the following type of stats can’t be provided by Palmer – Luminous Archbisshop to teammates? Tenacity
Which skill of Veithael – The Shining Sword is regared as a normal attack? Head Held High
Which of the following beast’s bodies is covered in minerals? Rock Crown Lizard
Which of these heroes does NOT wear a mask or veil? Thane – The Exalted
  • Day 5 – February 7th, 2023
Question Answer
Where do the Cursebearers that Salaki – The Cursebearrers belongs to live? Giant’s Jaw
In the story of Nevathi – The Green Lady, what did she plant for Kerr? Sapling
Which effect inflicted by Mulan – The Iron Magnolia on energy heroes makes Relentless Pursuit attack the target an extra time? Knocking into the air
How many seconds does the Guarding Shield Created by the Rock Crown Lizard last at minimum? 2
Which second is it all year round the Peaks of Time’s Womdrous Pouch instance, ‘Forest Mania’? Winter
  • Day 6 – February 8th, 2023
Question Answer
What kind of person was Palmer – Lunious Archbishop in his youth? Young noble
Which of the following heroes has never been to the Island of the Banished? Hodgkin – The Reviled Captain
Which of the following heroes has golden hair? Veithael – The Shining Sword
Which hero does Flutterplume Owl’s Chronno Control skill periodically grant temporary control  immunity to in battle? The hero who has dealt the highest total damage
How many marksmen does Peggy – The Precious Pearl summon when she ueses the skill ‘Royal Marksman’? 5
  • Day 7 – February 9th, 2023
Question Answer
In the story of Mulan – The Iron Magnolia, which city’s harbor did Mulan and Taya eventually arrive at? Mutt’Heer Town
Which of the following elements is not one of Esperia’s 5 elements? Metal Element
Which of the following buffs is provided by Salaki – The Cursebearer’s Ultimate skill, Flagellant’s Flame (at max level), to his allies? Life Leech + Haste + Attack
Which of the following beasts is not an avian-type beast? Blade Ridge
Which of these is NOT one-eyed? Ferael – Doomwhisper
  • Day 8 – February 10th, 2023
Question Answer
What career did Veithael – The Shining Sword want to pursue when he was young? Song of Dawn
In which faction’s area is the Elemental Altar located? Wilders
Which of the following heroes does not hold a book in their hands? Leofric – The Malevolent Menace
If Feline Vesperio uses Darkfire Ball 1 time at Lvl 18, what is the maximum number of times it will cast Abysmal Draw at enemies? 12
Which of these does Shemira’s Ultimate skill release? Souls

AFK Arena Poetic Pop Quiz – Questions and answers (December 2022)

  • Day 8 – December 19th, 2022
Question Answer
What was the relationship between Canisa & Ruke – Chimera of Ire before they became Hypogeans? Enemies
Which of the following heroes does not wear glasses? Hendrik – The Defender
Which entities will lose their health in a lava zone created by a Fire Breather with its lava skill Lava Sprouts (highest level)? All entities
Which of the following heroes’ weapon is not a bow? Kaz – Hand of the Wood
What is the maximum number of fireballs Astar – The Brilliant Flame’s skill Lantern’s Flame can produce? 7
  • Day 7 – December 18th, 2022
Question Answer
The statue of which Elemental Guardian is in the City of a Thousand Sails? Respen – The Windchild
With which skill Nevanthi – The Green Lady uses the Wood Element to grant a stalk to the ally with the lowest health? Natural Gifts
Who’s the other hero that forms the union True Adventure with Pippa – The Muddled Magician? Raku – The Rascal
How many tails does Solise – The Florar Wonder have? 9
After using his Ultimate Skill Soul Feast, while his shield exists, how much damage does Daemon take that is intended for his allies? 35%
  • Day 6 – December 17th, 2022
Question Answer
What type of beast is the Winged Lion? Avian
Which Pillar of Sin Tarnos – The Atoner teleport himself to when the uses his skill Oathbreaker’s Strike? The one farthest from himself
What is the name of Desira – The Sinister Siren’s Signature Item? Shell of Treason
Which of the following items is used to raise Engraving Levels? Elemental Core
When Oku – Ironfist uses his skill Beetle Bash, how many beetles are used in the attack? 2
  • Day 5 – December 16th, 2022
Question Answer
Which Elemental Emblem gives Solise – Water Animator the power to protect her forest? Water Emblem
Where will Canisa & Ruke – Chimera of Ire leap toward when they actively use their skill Lightning Lock? The area most concentrated with enemies
What is the color of Theowyn – The Wailing Widow’s eyes? Purple
What did Rowan – The Roamer once receive as gift? Aix
How much of an ATK attribute bonus is granted for using 4 heroes of the same faction in formation together? 15%
  • Day 4 – December 15th, 2022
Question Answer
What Elemental Guardian is Nevanthi – The Green Lady? Wood Element
Which of the following descriptions is false about Bade – The Knight of Blight’s skill mechanics when all of his skills reach max level? Multiple wooden doubles can exist at the same time
How many layers of focusing effect can be stacked up to an ally hero when a Blade Ridge uses its skill Raiding Chariot (highest level)? 3
Which of the following Rosaline – The Kind NOT use to attack enemies? Cleaning Cloth
What is the relationship between Gorvo – The Indomitable and Serius – Savior of the Sea? Friends
  • Day 3 – December 14th, 2022
Question Answer
Which of the following heroes does not belong to “Arcanists Union” Mirael – The Burning Light
What can excess Exclusive Furniture be used for? Strengthening Furniture
The Spirit Animation effect imposed by Solise – Water Animator will fail when the target is under which of the following effects? Healing restriction
How many clones does Wu Kong – The Monkey King summon when using the skill “Cloud Clones”? 3
In which city is the capital of Lightbearer Empire located? Ranhorn
  • Day 2 – December 13th, 2022
Question Answer
At what age did Estrilda – Knight of Valor become a knight? 16
Which of the following is a Bounty Hunter? Fawkes – Death’s Defeat
When Nevanthi – The Green Lady’s skill “Connecting Branches” reaches Lvl 2, which effect will it impose at the same time on the non-Boss enemy with the highest Defense rating? Defense Reduction
Which of the following effects is dealt to surrounding enemies when a Pillar of Sin of Tarnos – The Atoner is shattered? Stun
The Winged Lion is a flying beast that looks like what? A kitten
  • Day 1 – December 12th, 2022
Question Answer
What is Solise – Water Animator’s hobby as a flower whisperer? Botany
In what situation will a Polar Beast receive additional Beast Energy? When an enemy hero is being controlled
What color are Audra – The Chaotic Star’s eyes? Blue
Which of the following heroes’ weapon is not a sword? Eorin – The Forest Sting
After their 9-piece Exclusive Furniture Skill is unlocked, what effect will result from Canisa’s (Canisa & Ruke) attacks? Reduction of the enemy’s energy